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Gospel of Ras Tafari; an evolving work in progress

Idren, Sistren,

Rasta faithful globally are invited to post suggested edits, additions and deletions. This is a very preliminary first draft, representing the state of the project after the first couple of weeks, posted June 8 and updated June 10.

I N I are keen to hear from any souls who can send Rasta prayers and chants and links to website with Rastafari history and reasoning.

Peace and Blessings 2 All,

Yuya Joseph

Gospel of Ras Tafari

First Draft, June 2008

Compiled and edited by Friends of Jah, Toronto, Canada.

(production idea; English and Amharic, on facing pages)

The Gospel of Ras Tafari draws on the Bible, the Kebra Negast, My Life and Ethiopia’s Progress, Rasta prayers and Reggae lyrics to provide historical and spiritual context for the teachings of Haile Sellassie I, Ras Tafari, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Enjoy and share freely among Believers and positive souls globally.

In the Day

I am above the earth, and I am at the ends of the world, and I am Master of everything. I am in the air, My place of abode, and I am above the chariot of the Cherubim, and I am praised everlastingly by all the angels and by holy men. And I am above the heights of heaven, and I fill everything. I am above the Seven Heavens. I see everything, and I test everything, and there is nothing that is hidden from Me. I am in every place, and there is no other god besides Me, neither in the heaven above nor in the earth beneath; there is none like unto Me, saith God; My hand hath laid the foundation of the earth, and My right hand hath made strong the heavens; I and My Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jah People came up out of Africa, out of Ethiopia and Egypt, and did settle in Palestine around Jerusalem, and along the Brook of Kanah, the River of the Tree of Life, which meanders from the Great Sea unto the Hills of Ephraim, and some settled as far north as Nazareth and even by the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Others of Judah, and even some of Israel, stayed along the Nile, at Hermes, at Thebes, at Alexandria; the Children of Light took refuge in the hills of Ethiopia and the hills of Judah.

Abraham turned his face to the East, and he stretched out his hands and said, “Be Thou my God, O Lord, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Creator of the sun and the moon, Creator of the sea and the dry land, Maker of the majesty of the heavens and the earth, and of that which is visible and that which is invisible; O Maker of the universe, be Thou my God. I place my trust in Thee, and from this day forth I will place my trust in no other save Thyself.” And then there appeared unto him a chariot of fire which blazed, and Abrahama was afraid and fell on his face on the ground; and [God] said unto him, “Fear thou not, stand upright.” And He removed fear from him.

Blessed is the name of Our Lord God Jah Ras Tafari, and Blessed is he who comes in the name of Jah, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I. May His name and His glory be Blessed.

Behold ZION, behold salvation, behold the one who rejoiceth, behold the splendour like the sun, behold the one adorned with praise, behold the one who is decorated like a bride, not with the apparel of fleeting glory, but the one who is decorated with the glory and praise which are from God, whom it is meet that men and women shall look upon with desire and shall not forsake; whom ye shall desire above all things and shall not reject; whom all shall love willingly and shall not hate; whom everyone shall approach willingly and shall not keep afar off.

We have written to you so that you might understand the book of Moses, the books of the Prophets, and David and Sol-Amun and all the generations. It is written: When all these things happen to you in the Last Days, the blessing and the curse, you call them to mind and return to Him with all your heart and with all your Soul. Love one another at the end of the age, then you shall live Forever.

Ezra took the scripture of the north, Israel, intertwined and bolted it together with Holy Word from the south, Judah, and the Torah was born. Upon his return to Jerusalem, he read from seven in the morning until noon, and the Chosen People were both astonished and thankful.

Aristobulus Jeshua arrived to save the world from vanity and warfare, though His message and mission were to be misconstrued and diverted into a Euro-centric, male-focused force. The theological brilliance and healing knowledge of Jeshua Christos made His teachings radiate across continents and centuries, encapsulated in the New Testament. The Bible in its fullness is the core of Rastafari teachings. His majesty rose every day at 5 in the morning to prepare for Church, and the greatest way to honour a man is to believe in what He believed in.

Our LORD slept for nearly two days, and awoke on a bright sunny morning in the village of Ejersa Goro on the edge of the Holy City of Harar. From the days of Kush and of Thebes and Akhenaten, to Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina, Ityopia has reigned among the great and holy nations of Our world. Ras Makonnen was a noble man, and Jahn Hoy’s mom was of Christian and Islamic royalty. Lij Tafari’s paternal grandmother, Tenagnework Sahle Selassie, was an aunt of Emperor Menelik II and a direct descendant of Queen Makeda, the queen of Sheba, and King Solomon of ancient Israel. On July 23rd, 1892, a new spark of Light, an original ray of hope in a desolate landscape, was born, and Tafari Makonnen would strive to become the greatest Christian of the 20th Century. He would surpass his goals and leave this plane regarded by millions as the veritable Lion of Judah, Conquering King of Davidic heritage. To I N I Ras Tafari Makonnen is the symbol of the Living Christ, the embodiment of the Godhead, the Second Coming of Jesus of Nazareth.

Come then, let us go back, and let us consider, and let us begin to state which of the kings of the earth, from the first even unto the last, in respect of the Law and the Ordinances and honour and greatness, we should magnify or decry.

Here is what is written in a man’s heart. I say to the people of Shashememe, gather your learned and your inspired together, and tell the world your story. Ye are the Voice of Africa, the soul of the ancient and the Light of tomorrow. To the Youth and Elders of London, Birmingham, Manchester and throughout the UK and Europe, I ask that you come forth as one, and tell Us about Rasta in the 20th century; the UK’s specific mission will to chronicle the righteous lyrics of Reggae milestones of the first forty years. Friends of Jah here in Toronto shall provide something of a chronological path to enlightenment, and this is what you are now reading. We ask that the Twelve Tribes of Jamaica provide the inner truth and liturgy, the Rasta Prayer and Chant Book for the Caribbean Rastafari and for Jah Chosen globally.

Oh God Above Us, Jah RasTafari Selassie I,
At the dawn of the New Day when the birds are singing

Let Your grace shower Our awakening dream

As I begin my day, stay with me from start to finish

May your love never leave Us

I N I thank you, and Love You.

IN I believe in a Supreme Being, and in Jah Chosen People. We know that Our Works and Our Life are crucial, and through Love can each be made Divine. For by the power of the Creator there is brought forth Music, and the people rejoice, and they Dance.

By the power of Melchizedek
Dominion on Earth shall pass from Belial
To the Righteous Sons of Light

Congegration of the Sons of Righteousness,
Heed the message of Jah Ras Tafari, His Majesty
Emperor Haile Sellassie I, Defender of Unity,
Of Jeshua and Man

Ethiopians, Judeans and Palestinians
You share DNA that is absent from others
Ye are the people of the God of History
With great power comes great responsibility

Jah traced out a city
In Kish, the Holy Seven
Laid out the Foundations
A city they established
A fine dwelling place
But a Shepherd they withheld

Etana Jacob Jeshua
Jah Chosen Thirteenth
He who ascended to Heaven
Who consolidated all the lands

Holy Tafari stands forever,
As a testament to Jeshua
A living, breathing, healing
Life-Giving celebration of Christ

Return to me with all your heart and soul,
Obey the words of Jeshua of Nazareth
Fulfiller of the Law

I will deliver ye
From the power of enemies
Redeem ye from being ground under foot
By those who despise you

I will bring Thee
To the land of your fathers
Ye shall be redeemed
and ye shall multiply

I rejoice over Thee
Good Rasta people
I am Jah;
Ye are MY people

Illuminate My words in your works
I was tortured and nailed to a cross
Beaten, strangled and thrown in the ground
Rose again and again in the souls of men

Baptize by water, anoint by fire
ALL chosen Israelites
are anointed by Fire

Moses to Menelik

In this wise did God command MOSES on Mount SINAI, and He showed him the work thereof, and the construction and the pattern of the Tent, according to which he was to make it. And it (i.e., ZION) was revered and had exceedingly great majesty in ISRAEL, and it was acknowledged by God to be the habitation of His glory. And He Himself came down on the mountain of His holiness, and He held converse with His chosen ones, and He opened to them [a way of] salvation, and He delivered them from the hand of their enemies. And he spake with them from the pillar of cloud, and commanded them to keep His Law and His commandments, and to walk in the precepts of God.

In those days Solomon was King in Jerusalem, and Makeda was Queen in Ethiopia. Unto both of them were given wisdom, and glory, and riches, and graciousness, and understanding, and eloquence of speech, and intelligence. Gold and silver were held as cheaply as brass, and rich stuffs wherein gold was woven were as common as linen garments, and the cattle and the horses were innumerable.

The Queen of the South shall rise up on the Day of Judgment and shall dispute with, and condemn, and overcome this generation who would not hearken unto the preaching of My word, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Sol-Amen:

I saw many visions in a dream, and it seemed as if a sun had risen upon ISRAEL, but it snatched itself away and flew off and lighted up the country of ETHIOPIA; peradventure that country shall be blessed through thee; God knoweth. And as for thee, observe what I have told thee, so that thou mayest worship God with all thy heart and perform His Will. For He punisheth those who are arrogant, and He showeth compassion upon those who are humble, and He removeth the thrones of the mighty, and He maketh to be honoured those who are needy.

Ethiopia, the Goddess of Africa, the Caribbean and Amharica, is My Kaneh, My Music, My Heart, Soul and Desire, My Jah; for it is through Her Love of Christ that the world will find Holy Salvation. The Church of Haile Sellassie and the Cathedral of Robert Nesta Marley is Africa, and the Height of Africa is Itopia, Praise Her!!!

We are strong in the Orthodox Faith

Which the Fathers the Apostles have delivered unto us

The Faith of the Church, and Ethiopia remains most faithful

Ras Tafari Defended the Faith of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST

To Whom be glory forever and ever


Lidj Iyasu


And the People came and paid Tribute to the Great and Glorious King, Defender of Christ in the twentieth century, Emperor Haile Sellassie I: Ras Imru, Queen Elizabeth II, President de Gaulle, President Pompidou, President Lubke, President Tito, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Greece, Netherlands, Iran, King Hussein, Jordan, India, United States, Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Mali, Archeological Institute, National Library, Hans Wilhelm Lockot, ECA, Imperial Racing Club, Harar Military Academy, Archangel Gabriel, Kulubi, Diredawa, chika tukuls, World Health Organization, Tenayistilin.

Paul Bogle, Alexander Bedward and Marcus Mosiah Garvey had laid the foundation, and then Rasta emerged as unstoppable force.

Shepherd Robert Athlyl Rogers brought forth the Holy Piby.

In the Beginning is Jah Word, and the Prophet Marcus Garvey arose, and did lead Jah People unto higher heights. Then His Majesty ascended the Throne, and the world was astonished. Among the First to recognize and Proclaim His Divinity were the Three Wise men: Brother Leonard, Saint Joseph, and Vizier Archibald.

Leonard Howell, the Promised key and the Pinnacle commune

H. Archibald Dunkley, King of Kings Missionary Movement

Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert, Ethiopian Coptic Faith

Robert Hinds, Ethiopian world Federation

Altamont Reed

Prophet Gad, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Book Two; Word Arising

Hearken thou unto what I shall say unto thee, for the sake of which God hath sent me. From being a wise man thou hast turned thyself into a fool, and from being a rich man thou hast turned thyself into a poor man, and from being a king thou hast turned thyself into a man of no account, through transgressing the commandment of God

Sol-Amen, Sun is Heralded
Sol-Amun, Sun Peace Unity
Sahlaman, Wise Peaceful One
Suleimon, Sun Wise Peace
Sol-Amen III, Son of Yusuf
Bringer of Wisdom and Peace

Let all be unmistaken, for even in the priestly Messiah, Jeshua the Lamb, there is fierceness in message in parable in lessons. Let all be quite certain, for even in the Lamb’s Protector, Jah Lion of Judah, the warrior Messiah, there is gentleness with people and with animals. He abolished slavery, preached in Jerusalem, taught at Geneva, took refuge in Bath. The First One they hung live with criminals, the Second One they threw in the ground; I and I Father are One.

Johnnie Osbourne, Judah Tafari Eskender, Garnett Silk, Aaron Silk, Inspector Lenny, Jahmel, Jakki James, Maxi Million, Wire, Chester Miller, Lee Perry, John Holt, The Skatalites, Sattalites, Don Drummond, The Viceroys, Burning Spear, Horace Andy, Jackie Mitoo, Heptones.

I Word is blessed by His veritable knowledge. I have been empowered by the earthly appearance of Jah Ras Tafari and the Eternal spirit of Jeshua of Nazareth. Listen children, to the Lion and the Lamb; there is only One God.

Jimmy Cliff, Mighty Diamonds, Peter Tosh, Herbie Hancock, Joan Armatrading, Bob Dylan, Yabby You, Gladiators, Don Carlos, Philip Glass, Youssou N’Dour, Salif Keita.

Lion of Judah, Creator of Humanity, the Divine Absolute Monarch who is the Just King, the Defender of the Faith, the Might of the Trinity. Son Jeshua, Bringer of Love and Peace to Humans, Jah Light of the World and the Soul. He pulled order from chaos, and would One Day build a Holy City.

Ea, Iah, Yah, Jah, Adama, Eva, El, Alal, Enoch, Enki

City of the Bright Son, The Potter God

Lady of the Mountainhead, Lady Life, House of the Falcon

Hathor, Tefnut, Shu, Lord of the Air, Ptah, Ishshah

Jeshua Christafari calls to your soul, gently like a warm Caribbean breeze, a cool Canadian summer night. Stars sparkling how you like it, Jeshua is there; in the face of the angel child, the granny who built this country, and her granny who built the old country. Your sister is in trouble; have time for her. Your child is wandering; invite him home for Holy Days.

Kitty White, Les McCann, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Joe Pass, Herbie Nichols, Duke Pearson, Hank Mobley, Galt MacDermot, Alex Bradford, Bessie Smith, Johnny Hammond, Ben Webster, Wes Montgomery, Buddy Rich, Helen Humes, Art Pepper, Dave Brubeck, Ray Bryant, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, The Crusaders.

Excerpted from League of Nations speech, 1936

The Assembly of the League of Nations meets to consider the situation created by Italian aggression. I assert that the problem submitted to the Assembly today is a much wider one. It is not merely a question of the settlement of Italian aggression.

It is collective security: it is the very existence of the League of Nations. It is the confidence that each State is to place in international treaties. It is the value of promises made to small States that their integrity and their independence shall be respected and ensured. It is the principle of the equality of States on the one hand, or otherwise the obligation laid upon smail Powers to accept the bonds of vassalship. In a word, it is international morality that is at stake. Have the signatures appended to a Treaty value only in so far as the signatory Powers have a personal, direct and immediate interest involved?

No subtlety can change the problem or shift the grounds of the discussion. It is in all sincerity that I submit these considerations to the Assembly. At a time when my people are threatened with extermination, when the support of the League may ward off the final blow, may I be allowed to speak with complete frankness, without reticence, in all directness such as is demanded by the rule of equality as between all States Members of the League?

Apart from the Kingdom of the Lord there is not on this earth any nation that is superior to any other. Should it happen that a strong Government finds it may with impunity destroy a weak people, then the hour strikes for that weak people to appeal to the League of Nations to give its judgment in all freedom. God and history will remember your judgment.

Bath to UN

A compendium of the wisdom of the ages, a message of Love from Eye Sellassie I: Tell me your dreams, I pray you. We have dreamed a dream, and there is no interpreter of it. Jahseph said unto the people, Do not interpretations belong to Jah? Tell me them, I pray you. Put a smile on the face of each child, Idren; look for peace in the eyes of each mammal, O Guardians of Eden.

Word of Ras Tafari (insert 30-70% of Centenary here)

We in Ethiopia have one of the oldest versions of the bible, but however old the version may be, in whatever language it might be written, the Word remains one and the same. It transcends all boundaries of empires and all conceptions of race. It is eternal.

No doubt you all remember reading in the Acts of the Apostles of how Philip baptized the Ethiopian official. He is the first Ethiopian on record to have followed Christ, and from that day onwards the Word of God has continued to grow in the hearts of Ethiopians. And I might say for myself that from early childhood I was taught to appreciate the Bible and my love for it increases with the passage of time. All through my troubles I have found it a cause of infinite comfort.

“Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” who can resist an invitation so full of compassion?

Because of this personal experience in the goodness of the Bible, I was resolved that all my countrymen should also share its great blessing and that by reading the Bible they should find truth for themselves. Therefore, I caused a new translation to be made from our ancient language into the language which the old and the young understood and spoke.

Today man sees all his hopes and aspirations crumbling before him. He is perplexed and knows not whither he is drifting. But he must realize that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. In it man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great Message, he cannot hope for salvation. For my part I glory in the Bible.

Colonialism and the policy of racism impose soul searching questions of human rights, weighing equally on the conscience of all men and nations of good-will. History amply shows that the freedom enjoyed by the many becomes fragile when the denial, even to the few, of basic human rights is tolerated.

Our efforts as free men must be to establish new relationships, devoid of any resentment and hostility, restored to our belief and faith in ourselves as individuals, dealing on a basis of equality with other equally free people.

We believe in cooperation and collaborration to promote the cause of international security, the equality of man and the welfare of mankind.

We believe in the peaceful settlement of all disputes without resorting to force.

All well ordered and modern states can only base themselves upon Courts of Justice and Conduct of Laws which are just, correct and geared towards the protection of the rights of individuals. Justice is a product of education.

Man’s ingratitude to man is often manifested in willingness to relegate human beings to the scrapheaps of life when they enter the twilight of their careers and younger brains and stronger arms are found to replace them.

Excerpted from 1962 speech to Ethiopian parliament:

The ultimate resource of a nation is its people. Unless this resource is employed for the benefit of the nation, unless the latent good which it represents is exploited to the maximum for the common good, the nation will languish, poor in spirit, lacking in achievement. But no people can make their full contribution to the life of the nation to which they owe allegiance unless they possess and enjoy those few fundamental prerequisites indispensable to rendering their participation in the affairs of their country both possible and significant. The growth of a people is complex and interrelated. Man must be educated: he cannot come to grips with or cope with or understand the modern world unless he has been taught about it. He must be assured of a minimum economic security: he cannot concern himself with matters going beyond the day-to-day satisfaction of his physical needs unless he is fed and clothed and sheltered, nor can he acquire a sufficient degree of social consciousness to be able to subordinate his own personal interests to the good of the nation and the development of its society. Freedom, Liberty, the rights of man – these mean little to the ignorant, the hungry, the ill-clothed, the badly housed.

“All of this We have, from Our earliest days, recognized, and in the years during which We have guided and directed the destinies of the Ethiopian people and nation, We have endeavored to accommodate and give due consideration to this basic truth. To you the legislators of the Empire, has been confided the high responsibility of ensuring that the needs and the desires of those who chose you as their representatives are well and truly served in the legislative programmes which will be placed before you. You must ensure that in your desire to achieve immediate goals, long-term considerations of equal or greater importance are not ignored or irrevocably prejudiced. Those who will prepare your Government’s programmes will do so honestly and sincerely, seeking thereby to secure the further progress of Ethiopia and her people. But you, as well as they, share in the responsibility for guaranteeing that this progress is not only apparent but real and that each step forward paves the way for the next. May Almighty God grant you wisdom, understanding and judgment.


Ketema Yifru, Foreign Minister

I was willing to put my country above my family. I could have taken a job elsewhere, which paid more than what I got paid while I was working for the government. I would not stoop low, like some officials, and take money away from my poor country and its people. I believe that I was honest and worked to the best of my abilities to help build my country. Since I have not left my children any wealth, I hope one day that they will be proud of their father’s accomplishments and his good name.

From Ketema Yifru’s prison diary, mid-1970s.

Organization of African Unity

Conference of Independent African States held in Addis Ababa,

Excerpted from Emperor Sellassie I speech May, 1963

… WE STAND TODAY ON THE STAGE OF world affairs, before the audience of world opinion. We have come together to assert our role in the direction of world affairs and to discharge our duty to the great continent whose two hundred and fifty million people we lead. Africa is today at mid-course, in transition from the Africa of Yesterday to the Africa of Tomorrow. Even as we stand here, we move from the past into the future. The task on which we have embarked, the making of Africa, will not wait. We must act, to shape and mould the future and leave our imprint on events as they slip past into history.

“…We seek, at this meeting, to determine whither we are going and to chart the course of our destiny. It is no less important that we know whence we came. An awareness of our past is essential to the establishment of our personality and our identity as Africans…

Fettered And Bound

“…The events of the past hundred and fifty years require no extended recitation from Us. The period of colonialism into which we were plunged culminated with our continent fettered and bound; with our once proud and free peoples reduced to humiliation and slavery; with Africa’s terrain cross-stitched and checker-boarded by artificial and arbitrary boundaries… Africa was a physical resource to be exploited and Africans were chattels to be purchased bodily or, at best, peoples to be reduced to vassalage and lackey-hood. Africa was the market for the produce of other nations and the source of the raw materials with which their factories were fed.

Today, Africa has emerged from this dark passage. Our Armageddon is past. Africa has been reborn as a free continent and Africans have been reborn as free men. The blood that was shed and the sufferings that were endured are today Africa’s advocates for freedom and unity…

“Today, we look to the future calmly, confidently and courageously. We look to the vision of an Africa not merely free but united. In facing this new challenge we can take comfort and encouragement from the lessons of the past. We know that there are differences among us. Africans enjoy different cultures, distinctive values, special attributes. But we also know that unity can be and has been attained among men of the most disparate origins; that differences of race, of religion, of culture, of tradition, are no insuperable obstacle to the coming together of peoples…

The road of African unity is already lined with landmarks. The last years are crowded with meetings, with conferences with declarations and pronouncements. Regional organizations have been established. Local groupings based on common interests, backgrounds and traditions have been created.

But through all that has been said and written and done in these years, there runs a common theme. Unity is the accepted goal. We argue about means; we discuss alternative paths to the same objective; we engage in debates about techniques and tactics. But when semantics are stripped away, there is little argument among us. We are determined to create a union of Africans. In a very real sense our continent is unmade; it still awaits creation and its creators. It is our duty and privilege to rouse the slumbering giant of Africa, not to the nationalism of Europe of the 19th Century, not to regional consciousness, but to the vision of a single African brotherhood bending its united efforts toward the achievement of a greater and nobler goal. Above all, we must avoid the pitfalls of tribalism. If we are divided among ourselves on tribal lines, we open our doors to foreign intervention and its potentially harmful consequences… … A period of transition is inevitable. Old relations and arrangements may for a time, linger. Regional organizations may fulfill legitimate functions and needs which cannot yet be otherwise satisfied. But the difference is in this: that we recognize these circumstances for what they are, temporary expedients designed to serve only until we have established the conditions which will bring total African unity within our reach.

You chose HIM to steer the earth into everlasting Light. He gives power to the faint; to them that have no might, He increases their strength. He brought forth the Music of Zion, and the world celebrated.

Johnnie Johnson, David Foster, Jelly Roll Morton, Van Morrison, Blink 182, Mike Safron, Billy Peek, Leonard Chess, Alan Freed, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Duane Eddy, Roy Orbison, Bob Seger, Brownsville Station, Thin Lizzy, Georgia Satellites, Elmore James, Big Joe Turner.

Rasta have no church but Etiopia, for the whole of the Earth is Jah domain. One cannot hide from Satan or God in a building, and most cannot find salvation there either. Accept the words of Jeshua, find one sentence, one phrase that you can live by, and miracles will happen before your very eyes. Many will come in Jah name, saying “I am He, pick me!”, with the crowd responding “Tell us when, this will be!”, and the noise building, but do not be concerned. The sacred Burning Bush of Moses, the Ark of David and Solomon, the New Wine of Jeshua of Nazareth, all survive and thrive in the Ethiopian Church, the Twelve Tribes in Jamaica, Jah Musicians everywhere and millions of Rastafari globally.

Every country in the United Nations, Bless You
Every People on every Island on Earth, Grace You
Every Faith that believes in beneficence, Love You
Jah Jah Provider, Loving, tender Provider; Need You

He was the greatest Christian of the 20th Century, as great as any ever; inspiration of the UN, creator of the OAU. Listen to Jahseph, My Children. As in Adam, all die; even so, in Christ, shall all be made alive. When you hear Him say, I am the Light, you think He’s being metaphorical, allegorical; illusory even. Not I; I Believe He’s telling the Truth! In time, everyone will understand Jah, and overstand Earth. With Jeshua reigning, To Teach Peace belongs to all, and why worship old gods anyway? For what are our tribes but the remnants He told Us We would have to cast away. Yea, it’s Jeshua’s 2000th Birthday, even the animals know something’s up. We told you He would rise on the Third Day, now all of those living Give Thanks. Getaye, Getaye, Getaye, Chinkih Aleke.

Sugar Minott, Delroy Wilson, U-Roy, Ninjaman, Wayne Smith, Tony Rebel, Rita Marley, The Jamaicans, Paragons, The Three Tops, Justin Hinds & The Dominoes, Techniques, Culture, Black Uhuru, Wailing Souls, Mighty Diamonds, The Itals, Iration, Israel Vibration, Freddie McGregor, Roots Radics, Bunny Wailer, Gregory Isaacs, Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse.


Nine Families of the Rastafari Brethren did go forth into Kingston and and occupy Old King’s House, the governor’s mansion, and held the house in the name of the Negus, His Majesty Haile Sellassie I, for an entire week. Just eight years later, Jah Emperor did land in JA, and stayed at the King’s House and at the Sheraton, and at the airport Saint Ritah looked into the Eyes of Jah Lion, and has been shaking happily unto this very day.

Excerpted from His Majesty’s speech to Jamaica parliament, 1966:

Distinguished members of the Jamaican Parliament, I am glad today to get this opportunity of conveying some thoughts to the Jamaican Parliament and people. The people of Jamaica have a long glorious history. The Jamaican people have struggled to attain their independence and since independence the Jamaican people in an exemplary national unity have gone on to bring further abundance and progress to themselves. Because I know of the history of these wonderful people and because I know of the sentiments the people of Jamaica entertain for the Ethiopian people, I have always wished to come and visit Jamaica. Now, thank God, this wish of mine has been fulfilled.

Upon arrival in Jamaica I have seen more than I have expected. I have seen the progress of the people and I have seen their determination to march forward in unity towards greater progress. I have also witnessed personally the extent of the feeling of the Jamaican people for the Ethiopian people. Again I wish to take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to the Government and people of Jamaica for the wonderful reception that was accorded to me.

Our relations with the Jamaican people, as I have said already, is not of present origin. At a time when the Ethiopian people bore aggression, harsh aggression, the people of Jamaica showed their concern and sympathy to the Ethiopian people and have in this way provided us with encouragement regarding which the Ethiopian people shall be forever grateful.

Since I arrived in Jamaica, I was able to witness myself that these feelings of sympathy that had existed then have continued, and even now there is a greater desire to establish a closer relation with the people of Ethiopia.

The relations, in a broader sense, between the people of Jamaica and the people of Ethiopia and Africa are deep and abiding. We have all struggled for independence and have achieved it now. Because we are people dedicated to the achievement of our independence. we have attained an objective that Is the basis for continued mutual cooperation and goodwill.

In addition to this there is a bond of gratitude, a bond of brotherhood. The people of Jamaica, by and large, have originated in Africa. This again gives us another basis upon which we can contract a healthy relation, a relation that is not only going to be useful to our respective peoples but a relation, because of the fundamental similarity between us, that will in the long run contribute to a better maintenance of international peace and security.

In addition to this both the people of Jamaica and the people of Ethiopia are dedicated to another cause, that is the cause of progress and prosperity. Here again the struggle we have to undergo, the difficulties we must all overcome, and the programmer we must adopt have much similarity. Thus I say the people of Jamaica and Ethiopia have much in common and these common factors can be used as the basis for even stronger relations between our two peoples

The people of African origin have immigrated to many parts of the world. Some of them have come to Jamaica; others to other parts of the world. But wherever they may be they have similar historical experiences and the problems that await them depend on sympathy, and this can be used by all of us as the basis for the establishment of greater cooperation which will be for our mutual benefit.

In addition to this I also believe that the peoples of Jamaica and Ethiopia have another important cause in common, that is the cause of international peace. For much more than means of warfare, the violation of peace somewhere, must be discouraged to prevent the utter devastation of the human race. We have as an important concern that there should not be a violation of international peace and security.

However, if small countries do not combine all their energies, if small countries do not put all their weight in one direction towards the maintenance of international peace, then their individual voices in today’s world would not matter much. This is precisely why the smaller states, little Jamaica and Ethiopia, have the supreme interest that international peace and security be preserved. And to this end we have to continue to collaborate so that our voice on the international scene would be augmented.

In addition to this it is quite true that a country can achieve material progress alone. However, we know from the experiences of the past that international co-operation tends to quicken the pace for progress of individual countries. This is again another area for us to think about and see in what way we can further expand the relations between the peoples of Jamaica and Ethiopia. From another fundamental point of view this is why the organization of African Unity has been established. It is because the African continent, which comprises more than 250 million people, were it to remain divided among more than 30 states, their individual voices would not carry weight. It is precisely why, since there is an identity of interest, we have attempted to include Jamaica also, so that we can carry this weight in the councils of nations, and also through the process of co-operation and expanded economic relations we might be in a position to quicken the pace of development of the individual member countries of the Organization of African Unity.

Because the African people are dedicated to the cause of the maintenance of peace, because the African people are determined that there should be that material progress for their people, and because the African people believe in the essential precepts of democracy, these are the foundations of the Organization of African Unity. An organization that is based on such a solid foundation can only bring success to all its endeavours which will be for the interest and benefit of the African people, and perhaps also the interest of other peoples.

One soul I N I are pleased to have shared this planet with is Ato Samuel Ferenji, Speechwriter for and friend and employee of Haile Sellassie I during the 1960s. When Sam moved to Addis Ababa as a small child, he saw the Emperor on a coin, and asked his friend if this man is a real person. His friend not only says yes, but also lets him know that if you finish first in your class, you get to meet the Emperor.

Samuel studied extremely hard and at the end of the year was first among his classmates. When it was his turn to walk up and shake the hand of haile Sellassie I, his legs turned to jelly and he had to be steadied and guided up to the platform. When his hand slid into the Emperor’s hand, he felt terrifying yet awe-inspiring jolts of electricity, and the moment is forever burned in his mind. To illustrate one example of many that evidence Jahn Hoy’s depth of forgiveness and understanding, Samuel Ferenji was actually the radio announcer who delivered the news of the 1962 coup that took place while the Emperor was out of the country. Loyalists rallied to Haile Sellassie I’s defense, and thousands met HIM at the airport, and the coup was aborted. A lot of the senior conspirators were immediately forgiven, and though Samuel had been in the unenviable position of having been the bearer of the erroneous news, he himself was in the Palace’s employ within a few short years.

During the 1960s, Samuel was one of eight or nine men that traveled with Ras Tafari. Sam has said that the reception in Jamaica was the greatest they ever received. One time in Romania, Samuel handed the Emperor his speech for that evening, and Haile Sellassie glanced over it and slid it back to Sam, saying, “I will do this one.”

As this had never happened before, Samuel was a bit perplexed, figuring that perhaps the Emperor was just going to keep it short. Instead, he heard a long and eloquent soliloquy describing Romanian history, emphasizing her long and warm relations with Ethiopia. He finished with deep, profound thanks for the Romainian intervention during the 1936 speech to the League of Nations in Geneva. When the Italian delegation had tried to interrupt the Emperor and shout down His speech, the Romanian delegate, demanded “Get those dogs out of here!” and the Italian fascists were removed from the building. When Samuel commended His Majesty on His knowledge of Romanian history, Sellassie looked him in the eye and said, “I’m surprised you young fellows don’t know this stuff.”

When Bob and Peter and Bunny and the band mash it up with Catch A Fire, there was no turning back. Rasta was on the airwaves, and Reggae would rule the world.

Now Idren come upon a Soul Revolution, seen Ras Haile Tafari, writing as Saint Patrick, poetically sharing a Rastaman’s Journey on the Freedom Road. Morgan Patrick Arthurs was the guiding Light of Toronto Rastafari through the final decades of the twentieth, and into the twenty-first century.

The Wailers

“On the question of racial discrimination, the Addis Ababa Conference taught, to those who will learn, this further lesson; until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; that until there is no longer any first-class and second-class citizens of any nation; that until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; that until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race — until that day, the dreams of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained. And also, that until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique and South Africa in subhuman bondages have been toppled and destroyed; until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding, tolerance and good-will; until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men as they are in Heaven — until that day the African continent will not know peace. We Africans will fight, if necessary and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil.”

“The United Nations has done much, both directly and indirectly, to speed the disappearance of discrimination and oppression from the earth. Without the opportunity to focus world opinion on Africa and Asia which this Organization provides, the goal might, for many, still lie ahead, and the struggle would have taken far longer. For this we are truly grateful.”

Burning Spear

Cedella Booker and Robert Nesta Marley

Elijah David
Elijah Marley
David Nesta Marley
Elijah Nesta Marley
Elijah David Marley
Robert Elijah Marley
Elijah David Nesta Marley
Elijah David, Prince of Light
Elijah David Robert Nesta Marley
Elijah Marley, Tribe of Joseph, Berhane Sellassie I
Honourable Robert Nesta Marley
Lion of Israel, Lamb of Judah
Elijah Robert, King of Music
Robert David Marley
Elijah Nesta Marley
Elijah David Nesta
Bob Nesta Marley
Berhane Elijah
David Elijah
Brother Bob

In honour of Berhane Selassie:

May He Grace You

May Jah grace ye with the Holy Spirit
With all His rewards may He delight you
May he grace you with overseeing
With the holy spirit and loving-kindness

With an eternal covenant may He grace you,
Causing you to greatly rejoice
As He graced you with righteous judgement
That you not stumble

May He look graciously upon all your works
May He grace you with eternal truth
May He look graciously upon all your youth
May He guide and protect Rasta people

I have heard the words of this people
They are right in all they have spoken
Heed the words of Jah Prophet
Speaking of goodness in My name

Jah Ras Tafari sees clearly
Hears utterances of the Word
Knows the knowledge of the Most High
Still today with one eye open

Jahn Hoy observed Your word,
And kept Your covenant
His people burn incense before You
and sing songs of joyful praise

They will praise Him for His grace
Saying Arise, Jah Ras Tafari
Your name is my deliverance
My rock, my fortress, my deliverer

Jah, You renew my heart
Turn to me and be gracious to me
Give of Your strength to Your servant
Show me a good omen

I, Your anointed one, have understanding,
and I will tell others about You,
For You have given me knowledge
You have endowed me with great insight


Bob Marley and the Wailers

Gong seh:

If we are going to win the revolution,
We have to win it with Rasta,
For if ya win another way,
Ya have to fight again.
If we win with Rasta,
There’s no more war.

Gong sing:

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds

Have no fear for atomic energy

‘Cause none of them can stop the time

How long shall they kill our prophets

While we stand aside and look?

Some say it’s just apart of it

We’ve got to fulfil the book

Won’t you help me sing

These songs of freedom?

‘Cause all I ever had

Redemption songs



Book Three; 21st Century Rasta

We all pass away like shadows, and when we have passed away in death our name is forgotten, and the trace of us cannot be found; after three generations of our children there is none who will remember our name. Once or twice upon a millennium We are blessed with a resurgence of the Holy Spirit, and indeed and in love it is true that the trees of Marley and Sellassie I are plentiful, righteous, crucial and beautiful, and Our world walks forward locked arm-in-arm with the Kings and Queens of Africa, Jamaica, and Ras Tafari.

Marley Family

Ras Ikael Tafari made Rastafari nation his life work.

Ras Ikael Tafari sacrificed educating Our nation

Relating to social development and governance

He will be remembered as strong defender of the faith

May the ancestors guide his soul

Safely through the rights of passage

Ras Flako and your friends and fam honour your soul

Sellassie I Family

And the King asked the people, saying, “When did my son leave you?” And they answered and said unto him, “He left us three days ago.”

Brother Dube offers up a Rasta Man’s Prayer

There comes a time
In everyman’s life where he’s got to face
The truth no matter what.
We are coming to you father
With our sins and everything
To thank you

Those that smoke marijuana
Wanna thank you father
For making it grow internationally,
They wanna thank you lord
Even though police cut it down,
Sometimes they burn it down
But it grows again
Thank you father

We wanna thank you father
For everything you’ve given us

Nations that oppress other nations
Wanna thank you father
Even though it’s painful to be oppressed
But they thank you…
For making them strong

Politicians thank you father
For making them to be able
To lie with a straight face
While the nation cries
They wanna thank you lord

June 2008:

The first African Unity Concert to be held in Shashamene at the Bob Marley Stadium last weekend. Members of the African Union came and were representing many African Countries, The Rastafari mansions and Houses also came together and provided speeches and musical entertainment for the crowds of people present. Awassa and Shashamene Kebele and Officials were also united and Iman was fortunate to be Working that day with I bredrin Afrikan Simba and Maveric from 3 dimensional roots who are now doing plentiful works here in Ethiopia since Millennium started. The Addis Ababa branch of 12 Tribes of Israel being lead and ran by HIH Zere Yaqob Asfa Wossen Selassie I the grandson of Haile Selassie I.

Jah Kingdom

Be a good man to the good, and a reprover of sinners. And put aside the wickedness of the evil man by rebuking and correcting him, and condemn and disgrace the evil man who doeth violence to his neighbour in the court of law. And do justice to the poor man and to the orphans, and release them from the hand of him that doeth them wrong. And deliver him that is forsaken and the man who is in misery, and release him from the hand of him that causeth him to suffer. Judge not with partiality, but rather respect all persons, and judge righteously.

Remove all Kaneh laws and statutes,
For all of these were fabricated,
From racist hatred and medical ignorance,
For any that would claim otherwise,
Ask to see their sources and quiz them,
On dates and clinical studies and empirical evidence.
They are hollow and have no voice, no inner substance.

I seh unto ALL of You, Children of Adama, of Noah, of Abraham, of David, Solomon, Moses, of Judah and Joseph, of Buddha and Confucius, of Father Sky and of Mother Earth, of Jeshua and Muhammad, and indeed of Sellassie and Marley: Listen to the Words of the Lion and the Lamb; if You utilize these in Your daily Living, then all will be well in Addis and Jerusalem and Tafari and throughout Kanehda and the world.

Princesses and Queens shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hand unto God. Oh thou God of Ethiopia, thou God of divine Majesty, thy spirit come within our hearts to dwell in the parts of righteousness. That the hungry be fed, the sick nourished, the aged protected, and the infant cared for. Teach us love and loyalty as it is in Zion.

Deliver us from the hands of our enemy that we may prove faithful for the last day, when our enemy has passed, and decayed in the depth of the sea or in the belly of the beast.

O Give us a place in they Kingdom forever and ever.

Search our souls, O Jah, know our hearts today

Cleanse us from every sin and set us free

Guide and bless all men and women who guide us

Direct us to the center of Your will, to openly ask for grace

In the name of the most High Jah!! Rastafari!!

So we hail Our God Selassie I, Jehovah God Rastafari, Almighty Jah, Rastafari great and terrible God Rastafari.

Who sit in Zion and reigns in the hearts of men, and women; hear and bless us and sanctify, and cause thy loving face to shine up on us thy children that we may be saved.


All the saints who were gathered together said, “Assuredly, in very truth the King of ETHIOPIA is more exalted, and more honourable than any other king upon the earth, because of the glory and greatness of the heavenly ZION. And God loveth the people of ETHIOPIA, for without knowing about His Law, they destroyed their idols, whereas those unto whom the Law of God had been given made idols and worshipped the gods which God hateth. And in the later times when He was born to redeem ADAM He wrought signs and wonders before them, but they did not believe in Him, neither in His preaching nor in the preaching of His fathers. But the people of ETHIOPIA believed in one trustworthy disciple, and for this reason God hath loved exceedingly the people of ETHIOPIA.

When I N I take an oath and make another take an oath, I N I do not make mention of the names of other gods of the heathen. And when I N I sacrifice, Our faces be towards JERUSALEM and the holy ZION; and when I N I pray, Our bodies face towards JERUSALEM, and We pray towards the habitat of Our LORD.

And I swear by Myself and by ZION, the Tabernacle of My covenant, which I have created for a mercy seat and for the salvation of men, and in the latter days I will make it to come down to thy seed, that I will have pleasure in the offerings of thy children upon earth, and the Tabernacle of My covenant shall be with them for ever. And when a cloud hath appeared in the sky, so that they may not fear and may not imagine that a Flood is coming I will make to come down from My habitation of ZION the Bow of My Covenant, that is to say, the rainbow, which shall the Tabernacle of My Law. And it shall come to pass that, when their sins multiply, and I am wishful to be wroth with them, I will remember the Tabernacle of My Covenant, and I will set the rainbow in the sky, and I will put away Mine anger and will send My compassion. And I will not forget My word, and that which hath gone forth from My mouth I will not overlook. Though heaven and earth pass away I Word shall not pass away.


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