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Black Pharaohs in Egypt profiled on Australian TV documentary

The Black Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The Black Pharaohs documentary on the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

article from: TV Documentary on Black Egyptian Pharaohs

Dr Vivian Davies claims that a recently discovered set of hieroglyphs proves that, in 800 BC, Egypt was under the rule of black Pharaohs from neighbouring Nubia.

This film examines the impact of these sensational discoveries. “Listen to me you who are upon earth…For I warn of the coming of Kush.”

This inscription details an Egyptian tomb owner’s role in saving Egypt from death and destruction in a war fought with the Kingdom of Kush (modern-day Sudan) in 1600 BC.

Historians have long known about Kush, but relegated its importance to a vassal state of Egypt, significant only for its gold reserves. Early excavations in the Kush capital at Kerma suffered from the innate racism of the archaeologists.

Fabulous grave goods, discovered in the 20th century, were thought to have belonged to Kush’s Egyptian overlords. They didn’t consider that a black African culture could have challenged Egypt’s supremacy.

The inscription exposed the truth. Although it won battles, Kush eventually lost the war, and for the next 1000 years, Egypt had the upper hand. But the inscription served as a warning prophecy to Egypt that it might pay a high price.

The enslaved Kushites would have their revenge. Allowed, and even encouraged, to rebuild their own kingdom along the lines of Egypt, in 747 BC, Kush attacked the Pharaoh’s power in a daring land grab.

The Kushite king, Piye, overthrew the yoke, conquered mighty Egypt and established a 100-year rule of black Pharaohs. Even after being ousted from the Egyptian throne, Kushite kings continued to rule an empire as mighty as any, until the arrival of Alexander the Great.

For a number of years, British Museum archaeologists have been making find after find in the Upper Nile Valley to substantiate this story – huge lost pyramids, burial chambers of 200 workers, and stores of gold.

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Greetings Rasta Faithful and Believers everywhere!!!

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